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Biewer Terrier Temperament

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Credit: Article and Photos by Biewer Terrier Club of Canada, Inc.

One word you hear over and over to describe the Biewer Terrier is “whimsical”, which means “playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way”.

The AKC Breed Standard explains that “the Biewer Terrier has a lighthearted whimsical, childlike attitude. Although mischievous at times, they are obedient and make a loyal companion. Intelligent, loyal and very devoted to their human family. They have a fun loving, childlike attitude that makes them a great companion for all ages. They quickly make friends with animals of any origin.”

In the article, “Busy as a Beaver”, Gayle Pruett & Myrna Torres (Co-Founders of the Biewer Terrier Club of America, Inc.) report, “These irrepressible Toy dogs – whose name is pronounced "beaver" – navigated AKC recognition in record time. The Biewer Terrier has a lighthearted, whimsical, almost childlike attitude that keep its humans entertained for hours. Although mischievous at times, Biewers are obedient and make loyal companions who love to carry toys around all the time.”

Indeed, it is their whimsical attitude that makes them endearing, comical, and entertaining, and they quickly make friends with people and animals. But don’t let their comical nature fool you—they are smart as a whip, athletic, hearty, and confident. All of this, combined with their beauty, enables them to excel in “Conformation”, as well as “Companion and Performance Sports” such as Agility, Obedience, Rally Obedience, etc. This beautiful breed may be tiny, but these dogs really are the whole package!

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